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Collected releases

Title Catalog number Country Record size Type Short description
1980-81 New York City PRECD1 UK CD Album Title on the cover: In The Beginning
3-Video Box Set 7599 38517-3 Germany VHS  3 Box
4 Minutes   2 W803CD1 UK CD Single EDC Blackburn Ltd
4 Minutes   3 W803CD2 UK CD Single EDC Blackburn Ltd
4 Minutes   4 W803T UK Vinyl 12" Single Picture
4 Minutes   6 463036-2 USA CD Single TEXT 03
A Certain Sacrifice VINT022 UK DVD
A Gift Of Love (Deepak & Friends) RSCD 3078 USA Compilation & Others CD Album / Barcode: 6 19088 30782 8
A League Of Their Own 472056-2 Austria Compilation & Others CD Album
A League Of Their Own C823 5931 UK DVD
A League Of Their Own CC 7270 UK VHS
A Very Special Christmas 393 911-2 France Compilation & Others CD Album
American Life 8122797404I Germany CD Album The Complete Studio Albums
American Life 9362 48439-1 Germany LP Album  2 A2 B2 C2 D2
American Life 9362 48439-2 Germany CD Album 936248439-2 03/03 V01
American Life 9362 48439-4 Germany MC Album