The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008)

The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008)

CD Album   11

Catalog number: 8122797404

Country: Germany

Release date: 2018

Type: Box

Cover: Box

Tracklist: CD1: Madonna (Remastered)
CD2: Like A Virgin (Remastered)
CD3: True Blue (Remastered)
CD4: Like A Prayer
CD5: Erotica
CD6: Bedtime Stories
CD7: Ray Of Light
CD8: Music
CD9: American Life
CD10: Confessions On A Dance Floor
CD11: Hard Candy

BOX 11CDs - 11 albums with original artworks as cardsleeves. 

Inside of the box new pressing of CD (2018) - all CDs were pressed by Arvato Digital Services (Germany) / Silver CDs

New box has no info sticker and has different type of opening: 2012 box has triangular opening, 2018 has semi-circular opening.


Catalog number printed on CDs: 8122797404

Catalog number on matrix number (CD-holes): 8122797404 - all CDs have their own catalog number on matrix number which means that  CDs were pressed separately for 5CD Box and 11CD Box


Madonna CD-hole: W 56605704/0081227974046-1 21

Like A Virgin CD-hole: W 56605737/0081227974046-2 21

True Blue CD-hole: W 56605740/0081227974046-3 21

Like A Prayer CD-hole: W 56605743/0081227974046-4 21

Erotica CD-hole: W 56605746/0081227974046-5 21

Bedtime Stories CD-hole: W 56605749/0081227974046-6 21

Ray Of Light CD-hole: W 56605765/0081227974046-7 21

Music CD-hole: W 56605762/0081227974046-8 21

American Life CD-hole: W 56605759/0081227974046-9 21

Confessions On A Dance Flor CD-hole: W 56605756/0081227974046-10 21

Hard Candy CD-hole: W 56605753/0081227974046-11 21

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Title Catalog number Country Record size Type Short description
The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008) 8122797404 Germany CD Album  11 Box
The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008) 8122797404 Germany CD Album  11 Box Arvato / 2018 pressing
The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008) 8122797404 Germany / Japan CD Album  11 Box
The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008) PCD-248 Japan CD-R Promo EP Sampler