MD 3.0

Welcome to new version of Madonna Discography!

First of all: use your e-mail address to log in. Do not use your nickname!

If you do not remember e-mail address which was used by you during registartion on MD, please let us know. We will check it and send this information back to you. All your paswords are deleted right now and all of you have temporary password which is: madonna2018

To set up a new password use Change Password in a Dashboard.

We are working in a testing mode right now. If you notice any problems with functionality of our page, please let us know. Your collections are complete but we are working on pictures in our base and releases descriptions so there is a chance that you will find some releases with no pictures at this moment.

All our articles will be restored till the end of May.

Any questions or problems, feel free to write:

Thank you, Maciek and Kamil