Yellow Series

So-called Yellow Series is a series of CD singles released by Warner Music in 1995, which contains 23 titles previously released as 7" or 12" singles between 1982 and 1990 in Germany and UK. All 7" and 12" were re-packaged and re-issued with original artworks and characteristic yellow CD. Songs were...

  0  |    Kamil  |    19/01/2011

IFPI Codes

The SID Code - The Source Identification Code - is an anti-piracy standard defined by the IFPI and Philips in order to track the source of optical discs mastering and replication. The use of SID Codes started in 1994 and grew until nowadays it has become almost systematic. Since not all plants have...

  2  |    Kamil  |    01/09/2010

European CD Singles in Card Sleeves

CD singles are packed in a various way. The most common are slim cases - mostly for short play singles, and jewel cases - mostly for extended maxi singles. More ecological packages are used in different territories, for example: digipaks, snap packs and card sleeves. The first CD singles released i...

  2  |    Kamil  |    26/07/2010