About Us

Madonna Discography is a project which is intended for all of you who want to explore details of collecting. If you look for Madonna’s private life and no-music activity we will not be the best place for you.

We are two long-time fans and collectors - Kamil and Maciek - who love read details placed on CD-holes and run-out-grooves. We met in 2008 and soon after that we decided to create our first catalog of releases. At first - for a friendly website, and next on our own terms as Madonna Discography. This is a very short story of being online independently as MD since August 2010. Lots of things changed through these years and what you see today is the 3rd face of Madonna Discography. Hope you like it as we do :-)


MD 2010-2015   MD 2015-2018     Some of our unrealized efforts :-)




If you want to contact us, you can use our internal messanger [only for registered users] or write e-mail to       admin@madonnadiscography.pl 


Alex, thank you for everything what you did to us, your friendship and for being such a good guy. You will always be in our hearts.

Maciek and Kamil, May 2012